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Sunshine Diapers

Modern Cloth Diapering

Sunshine Diapers - Modern Cloth Diapering
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Modern Cloth Diapering
We cater to those of you who need to cloth diaper without spending a lot, so you'll find monthly specials, package deals, diaper rentals, test-drive packages, and good diapers for great prices. Log in to sign up for our newsletter, which will bring you monthly discount codes. We welcome questions, concerns, ISO's. Please do not hesitate. we are pros at all things cloth diapering and laundry.

Open since 2000, we have eight years of diapering experience to share.

If you're new to cloth diapering, begin in our Cloth Diaper University, where you'll find all the help you'll need to get started.
Thank you for visiting Sunshine Diapers, one of the “old-timers” on the web! (open since 2000)